Prince Edward Island PNP – How It Works

Prince Edward Island PNP - A lighthouse in Prince Edwards Island Canada.

Individuals who aspire to obtain permanent resident status in Prince Edward Island can achieve their goal through the Prince Edward Island PNP. On a large scale, it’s a part of the Provincial Nominee Program that brings entrepreneurs and qualified workers to eleven Canadian provinces and territories. Nominees of the program are chosen based on a unique set of requirements.

Why Prince Edward Island?

Alongside New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island is a Maritime province. It is more densely populated than the former two. At the same time, it is Canada’s least populated and smallest province.

If you move to Prince Edward Island, expect impressive scenery. There’s a reason why the informal name of the province is “Garden of the Gulf.” Besides bountiful gulfs, the landscape is varied, from wintry horizon covered in snow and icicles to the Atlantic shores and redstone cliffs

Prince Edward Island’s biggest industries are largely influenced by its geographic location. Fishing, renewable energy, and bio-science dominate. Additionally, agriculture plays a significant role in the economic field of the province.

Prince Edward Island PNP: From A to Z

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada and Prince Edward Island Government place strictly defined criteria and requirements on applicants. Accordingly, there are six streams that candidates can apply for. These are the following:

Skilled Worker Streams

In cooperation with the Department of Labor, Prince Edward Island organizes the Prince Edward Island PNP to fill job shortages. These streams are also referred to as “Workforce Category.” Therefore, competent workers with the necessary set of skills can apply under them. On average, the number of job seekers is higher than the number of vacancies. Fortunately, there is more than one way to get a Canadian job offer.

#1 – Critical Worker Stream

The Critical Worker Stream aims at intermediate-skilled candidates with a full-time job offer in Prince Edward Island. Most of the occupations from the NOC skill levels C or D fall under this stream. Furthermore, the right candidate needs to demonstrate the proficiency level equal to CLB 4 for French or English. Finally, this stream requires proof of enough financial resources to settle down in the province.

#2 – Skilled Worker Stream

The Skilled Worker Stream targets highly skilled individuals who have a full-time job offer in an occupation that belongs to the NOC skill level 0, A, or B. Also, candidates need to have a post-secondary degree from a Canadian university or equivalent. The employer should attest that you, and not someone else, is the best for the position. Additionally, the language criterion has to be satisfied. You ought to prove that your language abilities are at CLB level 4. Alternatively, your employer can verify that you are able to perform your duties without any language barrier if your skills are below the level stated above.

#3 – PEI Skilled Worker Stream

If you are already employed in Prince Edward Island in a high-skilled occupation (i.e., that belongs to the NOC skill level 0, A, or B), you can apply for permanent residence under this stream. Also, you need at least two years of full-time work experience in a related occupation. You can accumulate the necessary experience over the course of the past five years.

#4 – PEI International Graduate Stream

Finally, foreign graduates who have completed a degree at a post-secondary Prince Edward Institution may have a chance under the PEI International Graduate Stream. They also require a full-time job offer and need to demonstrate sufficient settlement funds, as well as cover travel expenses.

Express Entry Stream

The Prince Edward Island Express Entry Stream is similar to the worker streams, but the processing time is faster. However, candidates also need to fulfill the requirements of the Express Entry Program to be eligible for this stream. This requires that they have a valid Federal Express Entry Profile and a Job Seeker number. 

Next, applicants should submit an Expression of Interest for Prince Edward Island. It demonstrates that you have a special interest in the province. The Office of Immigration then reviews the EOI and invites the most successful candidates to become nominees of the Prince Edward Island PNP. Those who already have a job offer in the province are given priority, but it is not an obligatory requirement.

Work Permit Stream (Entrepreneur)

Lastly, business people who want to run a business in Prince Edward Island can apply under the Work Permit Stream. Other Provincial Nominee programs usually label this stream “Entrepreneur,” but the name adds no extra  details to its essence. The minimum requirements for this category are:

  • 21 to 59 years of age
  • Business ownership experience
  • Proof of language proficiency at CLB level 4 or above
  • A personal net worth of $CAD 600,000

If you fulfill the eligibility requirements, you can attend an interview with a member of the Office of Immigration. At the interview, you will discuss and create a Business plan for your future establishment in the province. You will have two years to actively operate the business. Afterward, the Office of Immigration will assess your success (e.g., whether you created job opportunities, made a profit, etc.). If they determine the outcome is positive, you will become a provincial nominee.

Final Words on Prince Edward Island PNP

Do you meet the criteria for any of the streams listed above? 

If so, you can apply for the Prince Edward Island PNP which offers you the status of a permanent Canadian resident. This guide was a good first step to get acquainted with the conditions of the program. The straightforward procedure should make it easier for you to take the next step toward your move to Prince Edward Island.