How to Get a Job Offer from Canada

If you’re planning to move to Canada, the question that inevitably arises is: How to get a job offer from Canada?

Regardless of your intentions, the “job offer from Canada” ranks highest amongst the most valuable factors in visa applications. For instance, having a job offer in Canada is one of the paramount ways to boost your score in the popular Express Entry program.

Even if you’re past these steps and the only thing left is to move, it will be much easier to settle in Canada if you already have a job offer. Of course, you cannot just travel the ocean to go for a job interview and come back, so it’s important to explore some alternatives. Luckily, there are quite a few.

5 Best Ways to Get a Job Offer from Canada

1 – A Recruitment Agency

Recruitment agencies act as a middleman between an individual who wants to get a job offer from Canada and the employer. Candidates list their skills and qualifications, and employers post the job offers. The agency then connects the best candidates to the job offers.

Reputable agencies will also help you gain an insight into the company or an individual who is offering the job and guide you through the application process. This is the best way to apply if you want to get hired in your desired profession.

2 – Networking

Do your relatives or friends already live in Canada? Colleagues from your field of expertise?

When someone puts in a good word for you, your chances of getting hired are immediately doubled. That’s why networking is one of the best ways to land your first job in Canada.

What is important with this method is that it requires an LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment), a document that the employer can obtain for you as a foreign worker.

Alternatively, you can look for immigrant groups of people from your country who have moved and settled in Canada. They are often willing to help people who are in the position in which they were themselves some time ago.

3 – LinkedIn

A strong LinkedIn profile opens up many possibilities, including a job offer from Canada. Once you’ve built a well-optimized profile, i.e., highlighted your work experience and skills, you can start researching and making connections with Canadian workers and employers.

You can check Canadian Immigroup that can help you make connections with the right people on LinkedIn.

4 – Job Bank

Job Bank is the leading job network in Canada, but not everyone can use it. It is available for Canadian citizens (that have a Social Security number), but you can also sign up if your Express Entry Profile is validated. The benefits of Job Bank are visible on more than one front.

Firstly, their customer support is very responsive, and they will help you set up your career plan, analyze the current situation to see where you fit, and match you to the preferred employers. What is more, it has over 2000 job posts on certain days!

Their filters are very strict and precise (e.g., they differentiate offers against employment groups, conditions, availability, provinces and territories, education, etc.), so, in case they match you with a job offer, you have solid chances of landing it.

5 – Workopolis

Workopolis is one of the largest online platforms in Canada on which employers look for their future employees. In all honesty, the odds are not in your favor, as this is a rather demanding market, but there are a lot of offers.

If a job post for your set of skills and experience appears, and you react quickly and impress the company, you can succeed. The whole point on this platform is convincing an employer that you, and not someone else, is the best for their vacancy.

How to Increase Your Chances of Getting a Job Offer from Canada?

As observable from the best methods to get a job offer from Canada described above, the requirements and chances are oftentimes province and territory-related.

  • So, the first piece of advice is to do thorough research on job prospects and requirements, choose a region you want to move to, and then proceed to the job search. When you are well-prepared, it will be much easier. Toronto, Mississauga, or some Western parts, like Alberta, offer higher prospects for foreign workers, but this is not a strict rule.
  • Your resume and cover letter should be polished per Canadian standards.
  • Improve your language proficiency in the official languages spoken in Canada – English and French. Earn the required certificates (IELTS or CELPIP for English, and TEF for French).
  • Ask for mentors. You can obtain tons of free advice and information through some official organizations, such as ISANS (Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia) or TRIEC (Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council). Again, these are only the examples, as the organizations vary with regions.
  • Tidy up your online portfolio. When applying overseas, your online trace is the only thing that potential employers can see. So, make sure that it’s a good one. If you have some inappropriate content on your social media, hide or delete it.

Bottom Line

If you have been wondering how to get a job offer from Canada while being out of the country, this guide previewed the most efficient ways to do so.

Ultimately, it comes down to selecting the best province according to your qualifications and skills and looking at the right places. Sure, you will need a tiny tad of luck, as well, but this is by no means a decisive factor.

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