Why Moving to the UK after Brexit Is a Smart Idea

Moving to UK after Brexit - Two Routemaster buses crossing the Westminster bridge.

On 1 February 2020, the United Kingdom held a referendum, in which 52% of UK citizens decided to leave the European Union for the UK to become its own unique identity. This is Brexit, and people who voted in its favor are Brexiters.

This new shift in the economy of the UK disturbed some students and expatriates. This raised many concerns about moving to the UK at this point as well, and the media is portraying only the dark side of this agreement.

Let’s look at what Brexit is all about and if you should move to the UK right now. Let us present to you some facts about the situation, so it is easier for you to decide.

Why Did the UK Need Brexit

Several Brexit supporters saw Britain joining the EU as an economic boost. Many, who saw economic potential, sympathized with free-market and free-trade policies, seeing the EU’s restrictive structure as enforcing competition on the personal market.

Besides this, Europe’s behavior for the United Kingdom was not friendly either, and it is written everywhere in history. These few acts built up for the United Kingdom to take a stance and leave Europe once and for all.

Why Are People Unhappy?

The idea behind referendums is to make people happy, but instead, it made people upset. The thought process changed as Brexit withdrawal started gaining momentum. Brexit shook down the whole countries’ economy and brought many hurdles in the way the people to stand where they were. Following are some main reasons why people are unhappy:

●      Increase in Racism 

Racism increased in the UK, but not to a severe extent. People are more skeptical about each other. In a country with little to no racism, this change is not easy to accept.

Racism and discrimination gain attention and power in society, but these cases are sporadic and publicize by the media to gain attention. The increasing number of racist events in the UK hurt public sentiment beyond measure. The decision tarnished the image of the country in the eyes of international media.

●      Drop-In Economy

Brexit’s economic consequences became an essential topic of discussion during the Referendum after the Leave referendum on British membership in the European Union. Economists believe that Brexit will lead to a drop in per capita income in the UK. 

Proponents of staying in the EU, like the UK Treasury, say that participating in the EU has a clear beneficial impact on trade. Proponents of removal from the EU suggested eliminating net contributions to the EU would require tax reductions or rises in government spending.

The prices augmented in the UK but are nowhere near an unreachable stage. This particular minimalistic difference happens all the time. If we work together, we can bring our economy back together.

●      Businesses and Trade

After the Brexit, business and trade took a huge leap. This led to issues with imports and finance. Business and deal was the most impacting factor, but it normalized over time.

It was just a phase, and now things are getting better. We need to go through hardship to withstand a change.

Almost everyone is talking in the news and on social media about these factors. Let’s see what gold is hiding behind the dirt.

The Silver Lining of Brexit 

Many good things are hiding behind all of this drama, and let’s look: 

●      Foreign Affairs

United Kingdom has a more significant influence on foreign affairs than being a member of the EU. This community of 500 million people has much more influence than before. The UK is a powerful country in the world compared to other countries in the EU.

What does this mean for the future?

This means a better lifestyle, tourism, and international projects that will change the UK’s whole infrastructure. It will revolutionize the way the development of the UK.

●      Sovereignty

Britain will pull out of some European initiatives it finds unrealistic, such as the Schengen Agreement, Euro Adoption, and Enforced Migrant Quotas. This gives you more freedom and rights as a citizen of the United Kingdom.

You have more sovereignty over your decisions now!

●      Jobs

This sudden shift in the economy provides more people doing jobs that were not in demand before, which means higher occupation rates and higher wages for simpler tasks. The need for more skilled workers, as opposed to unskilled workers, increased. Therefore, your education is a secondary factor now.

●      Security

A union is better equipping Britain to deal with security threats, including cross-border crime and terrorism. This also includes better cyber protection and internet threat management. This provides peace of mind and relaxation.

●      Investment

We all know that the economy of the United Kingdom will increase and will soon regain its position. This makes investing there a wise move at this time. You will not only help the country, but you will be getting a cut as well.

Long-term investment will result in fruitful profits in the coming years in the UK.

Should You Move to the United Kingdom?

Yes, you should, there are better security arrangements, and if you don’t mind a teensy bit of increased prices, you will not have any problem living there. You will receive all the privileges if you are going as a student, and everything is perfect.

You can start investing and achieve financial freedom. The United Kingdom is wet earth with some pebbles in it. If you can sculpt it perfectly and slowly, it will be a masterpiece. The United Kingdom is like any other country, and you can live your life without any obligations.

What to remember

The United Kingdom is going through some changes, and no matter what they are, they don’t affect you as a new citizen. It is a great idea to move to the United Kingdom, and the faster you act, the better.

If you end up at the back of the marathon, even sprinting will not help. So buckle up and do not let the opportunity to start a new life slip away.

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