7 Reasons why I decided to move to Australia

Sydney Opera House and Bridge, Australia

I still vividly remember September 11, 2015, when I first set my foot in Australia, at Adelaide Airport. A new chapter of my life was about to begin. I moved to Australia to get a fresh start, and the rollercoaster of excitement and fear surely overwhelmed me back then.

It wasn’t an easy move to make, and that’s why I’m writing this. To encourage all of you who are in the same position as I was more than 5 years ago. Believe me, I know how it is.

These 7 reasons to move to Australia are not the extensive list – there’s a lot more to it – but they are all written from an objective perspective, without any pink-coloured eyeglasses.

1 – Job Opportunities

Let’s face it: Money does make the world go round. However cliché it may sound, it is true.

Therefore, I would lie if I told you that one of my primary motifs of moving to Australia wasn’t having a better job and improving my standard of living. In theory, Australia promised a lot – a plethora of job opportunities, equality for all qualified workers regardless of their age and ethnic status, prosperity, competitive wage.

Did it live up to expectations?

Even more so. I soon got promoted, and every task I was doing well was noticed and awarded. Financial stability is a standard here. Australia offers a lot of job opportunities and high pay – it’s on you to use them!

2 – Living La-Dolce-Vita Lifestyle

We are all in search of “better life,” whatever it may be, aren’t we?

When you get used to living an Aussie’s lifestyle, believe me, you’ll know what is meant by the phrase.

How would I describe it?

Laidback, no-worry, stress-free attitude. I learned how to embrace life and make the most out of it, thanks to this easy-going approach. No worries, mate! Once you move to Australia, this will become your motto – and it’s really empowering and liberating.

3 – Pleasant Climate

Of course, Australia is a large country, so the climate will vary in different regions, but there are some generalities.

As a rule of thumb, climatic conditions here are temperate and mild, with an above-average number of sunny days and total hours of sunshine. This is good for your skin and mind, and living in such surroundings lifts your mood.

Besides, did you know that Australia has one of the lowest air pollution indexes? It’s so nice knowing that you’re breathing the fresh air – not to mention the health benefits.

5 – (Multi)Culture

In the roots of the country’s history, as well as today, multicultural society is ubiquitous. Instead of insisting that you fit into the mould of an Aussie, Australia celebrates diversity, both literally and figuratively. The Harmony Day praises diversity, and it is held annually on March 21.

And “harmony” is perhaps also the best word to describe this multicultural soil. Before you know it, you’ll be a part of it, feeling that this is where you belong.

You can preserve the tradition and the habits of the place where you came from, or you can become a typical Aussie – it doesn’t matter. Australia won’t pressure you or judge you. 

6 – Lovely People

The previous  reason is inseparable from the next one – another reason to move to Australia is the people who make up that multicultural society.

When I moved, I had a lot of concerns about whether I was going to make friends and if locals would accept me. To my surprise! The first time I spoke to someone, I already felt as if we weren’t strangers anymore. That feeling has remained ever since.

After all, you’ve probably heard about “mateship,” which is indeed a core value here. People are good friends and neighbours, and there is a friendly greeting and smiling everywhere.

Aside from that, everyone here speaks English, so it’s going to be easy to communicate, without the language barrier – although it might take a bit getting used to the dialect.

Soon enough, you’ll find yourself saying things like “G’ day, mate” or “How ya going” to people who will accept you with arms wide open.

7 – Landscape

If there’s something  Australia is well-known for, it is a wide variety of landscapes. Sure, you can visit some of them on vacation, but you won’t get the real sense of untouched nature until you live here. From shark bays, dramatic coastlines, and greenery to the broad river banks and wonders of architecture, the view is breathtaking. 

Several years later, I know how the sand will feel; when the sea is the warmest; when to go surfing so that it isn’t crowded; which park or even rainforest to visit when I want to find tranquillity, and I have “my” corners of the streets, paths that I take, and favourite cafés. I feel at peace here. And so will you.

Hooroo (aka Goodbye)

My journey to Australia began over 5 years ago when I felt overloaded with emotions of enthusiasm, but also insecurity. Little did I know that I made the best decision in my life.

I hope that my 7 reasons to move to Australia have been helpful in case you needed some reassuring. I remember I did. And I’m glad for every step on the way. Residing in Australia is a heavenly experience; I get reminded of this every day I wake up. If you have the chance, embrace it!

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