Why there is still hope of moving to Canada

Man holding Canada flag on top of Sulphur mountain in Alberta, Canada

The coronavirus pandemic has had a huge negative effect on economies all over the world. It is projected that the global economy will contract by 3% in 2020 alone which is the worst economic drop of all time. The pandemic has led to travel restrictions with many countries opting to close their borders. Canada has not been an exception, with more than 99,000 cases they have also closed down their borders. 

The Canadian government had planned to welcome 1 million immigrants to the country between 2020 – 2022. Immigrants play a very key role in economic growth in Canada. However, the pandemic has slowed down the process because at the moment the country is not allowing anyone in. 

Will Canada change its immigration plans?

With the world in a health crisis, Canada is likely to adjust its immigration policies. This however does not mean that they will reduce the number of people the country had planned to allow in. What officials are likely to do is change the procedures of getting in. People will be subjected to more health checks than ever. 

Whether the immigration program process is changed or not Canada will continue allowing people to work there. They heavily rely on immigrants to alleviate demographic challenges. With Canada having the world’s lowest birth rate and an aging population, the government will need to replace the retiring workers. This is why more immigrants are required every year. 

Since the 90’s immigrants have been the major economic boost and that is expected to continue until 2030. 

In general, the country is not likely to change immigration plans much. After the pandemic, Canada will be needing more immigrants than ever. So they are even likely to soften some other rules to lure more people into the country.

Canada needs more immigrants than ever

Immigrants count for almost all labor force in Canada. This means that the country cannot risk allowing in fewer immigrants. With 2020 having seen little or no immigrants join their workforce, they are likely to try to recover in 2021. The plan of allowing 1 million immigrants by 2022 is likely to remain in place. This would mean that in 2021 more than 400,000 people may be allowed into the country. This will however depend on how fast the coronavirus curve will flatten all-over the world. 

At the moment Canada is facing tough economic times. Immigrants will, therefore, play an important role in ensuring economic recovery. The country will rely on immigrants to fill the current unoccupied jobs as well as help create new jobs and new ways of lifting the economy. A study carried out in Canada between 2003 and 2013 revealed that immigrants accounted for 17% of the new companies created in the country. They also created more than 25% of the private sector job creation. 

With immigrants proving to be very helpful, the country will look to ensure that the curve is not broken. The economy must be grown and this means that more immigrants must be allowed in. 

Current Stats and Future Predictions

At the moment Canada has 8 million immigrants and 660,000 international students. However, is this number enough? No. Remember that there are countries that have evacuated their citizens from Canada. This means that more jobs have been left open and more workers are needed. 

Economists in Canada have predicted that the economy will bound fairly quickly. Once the current restrictions are eased people will be back to work and more jobs will be created. With more jobs, more immigrants will be required to fill them. 

At the moment Canada has the lowest employment rate. With over 9 million people on the verge of retiring, this will create a massive gap which the government will need to fill. This means that more immigrants may be required than ever. 

What should potential immigrants hope to expect?

If you have had the desire to work in Canada you will have the biggest opportunity after the coronavirus pandemic. The immigration gap that has been created in 2020 is likely to be filled immediately after the pandemic. This means that you should keep your application active. 

As you keep the faith of moving to Canada just hope that your country flattens the Coronavirus curve fast. This is because once Canada opens to immigrants, they are likely to have restrictions on countries that still has a high infection rate. This will mean despite the qualification to work in the country, you will not be allowed to travel. 

In conclusion, after the pandemic, immigrants will have a good chance of working in Canada. More workforce will be required to turn around the economy and therefore if you have plans to work in Canada now is the best time to look for potential opportunities. 

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