How to gain Canadian Permanent Residence

Canadian Permanent Residence. A traveler holding up a Canada passport at the airport.

Many people think of moving abroad in pursuit of a better life. With the recent immigration restrictions placed in the United States, and more restrictions expected to be implemented, Canada becomes a better alternative. Are you one of these people? Here’s some good news- Canada has been opening up its borders to people from all over the world by easing its immigration policies.

Having Canadian permanent residence will bring a lot of benefits to you. Are you wondering how to do this? Below is the process on how to get a Canadian permanent residence.

What are your options?

To get a Canadian permanent residence will mean that you have to meet the qualifications under certain categories. This is explained below.

A. Business immigration

This is the first option that qualifies you to get a permanent residence in Canada. It’s available to persons who are interested in opening a business in the country. Similarly, those who are ready to put a considerable investment into the Canadian economy qualify for this.

To qualify for this program, you need to have a high level of skills and experience in management or be in possession of a lot of capital. Part of the requirements, apart from investing or setting up a business, is the ability to create full employment to at least one Canadian citizen.

B. Family class immigration

This program offers an opportunity for persons who lawfully reside in Canada to sponsor their families to join them in the country. The person offering the sponsorship needs to be more than 18 years of age. They also need to fulfill one of the following requirements.

  • Be a Canadian citizen
  • Be a permanent resident in Canada

If you have a relative that satisfies any of the above requirements, he or she can sponsor your permanent residence application.

C. Express Entry Program

The Canadian Express Entry is similar to the US diversity program offered in the United States. It provides an opportunity for thousands of people from all over the world to have permanent residence in Canada each year.

The express entry program seeks to fill up the available skills lacking in the country. The persons selected are required to have certain skills that they can use to help improve the Canadian economy.

D. Canadian Experience program

This is yet another way to get permanent residence in Canada. However, this is only available to persons who have a temporary residence in the country. Such persons can, through writing, apply for permanent residence based on the working experience that they have gained in the country. Those who qualify should either have studied in Canada or have worked in the country for a certain period of time.

Please note that you have to pass the language and skills test to qualify for this program.

E. Provincial nominee program

This is the fastest way to get a permanent residence in Canada. It is offered by a number of provinces in the country to people who have skills in a certain trade or profession. To qualify, you’ll need to have certain skills, have the right education and work experience, as well as pass the language test.

Canadian provinces nominate individuals for this program. They work together with the national government to come up a list of nominees. Once nominated and fulfilled all the requirements, your permanent residence visa will be processed in no time.

Can Permanent Residence in Canada be withdrawn?

To start with, a permanent residence in Canada is usually issued for a period of 5 years, and 1 year in some cases. However, you stand to lose your status as a permanent resident before this period expires. The following reasons would lead to this.

  • When you receive citizenship status in Canada. In this case, permanent residence does not apply anymore and would be withdrawn.
  • When you intentionally choose to renounce your status as a permanent resident.
  • When an adjudicator makes an inquiry and determines that you’re no longer fit to remain a permanent resident.
  • When an order is made to the effect that you should not have permanent residence. Your status will be withdrawn.

Will you apply?

Having permanent residence in Canada will translate to a lot of benefits to you. Other than having the right to live, work and study in any part of the country, you will be entitled to the same benefits ordinary citizens have, including health benefits. You also qualify for protection of human rights as enshrined in the Canadian laws.

From what you’ve read here on how to get a Canadian permanent residence, you can go ahead to pursue a program that best suits you. Please note that you have to meet all the requirements and follow the right procedures to be considered.

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